Since the company's beginnings in the United Kingdom, FOSROC has become an international leader in providing Constructive Solutions for a variety of projects across a broad range of sectors including commercial, industrial, residential, marine and infrastructure. 
Some of the company's most well known solutions are found in some of the most iconic structures around the globe. 

Global Presence

Fosroc delivers Constructive Solutions in over 70 countries around the world directly or through selected business partners. Fosroc, an international company dealing with many different customers, languages, cultures and construction environments. This multi-national exposure enables to leverage additional value for our customers by tapping into a wealth of international experience and knowledge.

Our Range of Constructive Chemicals

Cement & Concrete Technology

Cement Additives 
Corrosion Inhibition
Surface Treatments
Grouts & Anchors

Gas Membranes

Repair & Remediation
Concrete Repair Mortars 
Crack Injection Resins 
Corrosion Control
Burj Al Arab - Dubai, UAE

Emirates Tower - UAE

Tsing Ma Bridge - Hong Kong

Madinah Holy Mosque - Saudi Arabia

Osaka Castle - Japan

Wembley Stadium - UK

Surface Coatings

Fosroc aims to deliver solutions, not just products 
Selecting from the full portfolio of Fosroc products and services and integrating expert technical support, world class customer service and innovation, ensures that we partner with our customers to deliver a complete solution.This is the essence of Fosroc Constructive Solutions. 

Fosroc possess unique strengths to support 
our promise;
  • Over 50 years experience and 
    dedication to the construction industry
  • An extensive and comprehensive suite of products
  • Products with integrity that are tried and true
  • Specialised, expert application knowledge about what technology provides the best solution
  • International exposure across more than 70 countries
  • Flexibility to access the best materials from a variety of sources around the globe

... and most importantly, a proven track record of providing value-driven Constructive Solutions.